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MNEC Specifications
  • Minereum Smart Contract Address: 0xF9d922c055A3f1759299467dAfaFdf43BE844f7a
  • Decimals: 8
  • Symbol: MNEC
MNEC General Stats
  • Total Supply (Est.): MNEC
  • Genesis Transferable Supply (Est.): MNEC
  • MNEC Burned: MNEC
  • Genesis Addresses Destroyed:
  • Level 2 Upgrade Fee (from Level 1): CELO
  • Level 3 Upgrade Fee (from Level 2): CELO
  • Level 3 Upgrade Fee (from Level 1): CELO
  • Genesis Trading Fee: %
  • Normal Trading Fee: %
  • Fee Shares Trading Fee: %
  • MNEC Fee To Buy Fee Shares:
  • Amount Of Genesis Addresses to Buy Fee Shares:
Genesis Addresses
  • Total Genesis Addresses:
  • Level 2 Activated Addresses:
  • Level 3 Activated Addresses:
  • Genesis Addresses For Sale:
  • Genesis Addresses Sold:
Fee Share Holders
  • Total Fee Share Holders:
  • Fee Shares For Sale:
  • Fee Shares Sold
  • Total Fees Paid to Fee Share Holders: CELO
  • Current Balance for Fee Share Holders: CELO